Tourquoise Beaded Bracelet

Grey memory wrap

Red Memory Wire

Hi Everyone,

I am so glad that you are reading this. 

I have a one person shop on Etsy.


Setting up my shop was easy, it's the marketing that makes me want to hide under the covers!  Since I run my shop by myself as well as make the bracelets to sell, I feel like I am always researching to do every single thing I need to do. The internet has never been my friend.  But I am hoping that one day soon, all of this torture will be worth it.  Of course, as some of you know, researching includes grilling my friends who are computer literate to learn all I can.  Anyway, I have attached pictures of the some new bracelets.  If you "Favorite" my shop and/or some bracelets, it will help with the marketing part.  And I will appreciate you forever.